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Pax et Bonum” (Latin for “Peace and Goodness”) was the traditional welcome and parting phrase used by St. Francis of Assisi each time he came in contact with someone. Monk Rosaries was born from the purpose to always live with “Peace and Goodness” in our hearts and souls, in our faith, in our families, and in our communities.

We are not really monks, nor are we friars, but we have a special appreciation for the monks and friars of the world, past and present, and the way they embraced “Peace and Goodness.”

The “Olde World” aesthetic of Monk Rosaries leans heavily on a love of medieval history and art and the role of Catholicism and Christianity as a whole during those times. Depictions of paternoster beads and early rosaries in artwork from the 16th and 17th centuries were inspirations for many of our rosaries and products.

We pray our products will bring you “Peace and Goodness” for years to come.

♦ Monk ♦

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